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How You Can Eat Carbs And Still Lose Weight

Believe it or not, you can eat carbs and still lose weight, even though the popular advice is to avoid carbs. Remember, your body needs food in order for it to lose weight. And carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet, so they don’t have to be entirely eliminated from the foods you eat.

So, here’s how you can eat carbs and still lose weight.

Choose The Right Portions

Since foods with carbs tend to be higher in calories, it is important to choose the right portions. If you are eating too many carbs, then you may struggle to lose weight. So, don’t make a plate of food full of carbs. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to make carbs account for about 1/4 of a full plate of food.

Check What Sauces You Use

One thing about carbs is that they tend to be in sauces or condiments you use with many meals. Be conscious of what you are putting on your meals and try to find alternatives. You may choose to use Mayonnaise one day, but then use lemon the next. This way, you can still enjoy carb-filled condiments and sauces, but you are balancing them out with healthy alternatives.

Pick Carbs Wisely

Oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and chickpeas are examples of healthier carbs. If you incorporate these into your diet for your carb intake, you will be receiving fibre and nutrients that your body needs to function properly. This way, your body can be satisfied and you won’t find that eating carbs stops you from losing weight.

To learn about more keeping your body healthy, visit your nearest Herbal One Centre and speak to one of our nutrition counsellors.

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If you have any questions or concerns, stop by, call, or email your Herbal One centre and our qualified counsellors will be happy to give you tips and some great ideas that will help reach your weight loss goals.

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