Four Ways to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Posted: February 18, 2015 in Blog, Food, Nutrition, Weight Loss
Weight Loss Plateau

In a way, weight loss is a lot like cleaning your house. When the place is an absolute mess, it can look a lot better just by quickly putting everything back in its place. While you imagine hours of housework, after just 15 minutes of simply picking up and straightening the couch cushions, you’re amazed at how much better the place looks already.

But then the really tough cleaning starts and, indeed, it ends up being a lot of work and your entire afternoon is gone.

Weight loss can be the same. When we first begin a program of healthier eating and increased activity, the pounds can fall off surprisingly easily. It’s because you start your weight loss program when you have the most weight to lose.

But, just like what happens after you do a “quick cleanup” around the house, it becomes more difficult to continue to lose weight after the easy pounds are gone.

When your weight loss plateaus, you start to lose motivation and confidence. You ask yourself questions like “why am I putting myself through this if I’m not losing weight?” and “why does nothing I do seem to work?”

But you can’t let a little bump in the road get in the way of your goals. Your body makes lots of adjustments in response to your weight loss. When you learn more about how your body reacts, you’ll have a better understanding about why it sometimes stops shedding the pounds. Then you can make the adjustments needed to start heading in the right direction again.

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