How Do Busy Moms Lose Weight?

Posted: January 15, 2019 in Blog, Tip, Weight Loss
Herbal One dives into how do busy moms lose weight

It’s the eternal question of motherhood and weight loss. Weight loss is a full-time pursuit. Motherhood takes up more time than you have. Not to mention the stress, joy, and pain of it all. So how do busy moms lose weight?

5 Ways that Busy Moms Can Lose Weight

Of course, your children come first before all else. But that doesn’t mean you need to accept that ‘baby weight’ and not do anything about it. In fact, by trying some of the following suggestions, you will be less tired and have more energy to devote to your children.

  1. Don’t Go On a Diet, Plan Your Diet – First, fad diets probably won’t work. Second, who has the time and energy to think about dieting anyway? Instead, plan a balanced diet for good nutrition. And if you’re too busy for that, try a Herbal One diet plan.
  2. Focus on the Low Hanging Fruit – And we mean that literally. Things like swapping unhealthy snacks for fruits and vegetables are not only good for your health and weight loss, they take no extra time and they help you set a great example for your children.
  3. Avoid Temptation – Sometimes it feels like the only way you’re going to make it through the day is because you can pour yourself a glass of wine at the end of it. Except that wine packs more calories than regular soft drinks.
  4. Put the Kids on Your Side – Get them involved in helping you workout. Set aside half an hour for ‘fun’ time, which is really your workout time.
  5. Bulk Cook – We all know that cooking at home is healthier and better for losing weight. But who can do that on top of everything else you do?!? So try setting aside one time a week to create some dishes in bulk (homemade spaghetti sauce is an easy one.)

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