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How to Boost Your Immune System

It’s fairly simple. The more you know about how to boost your immune system, the better you will be able to fight off infections and illness, like respiratory infections, and colds and flu; and the easier it will be to stay healthy.

But there are double and triple advantages to keeping your immune system working in tip-top condition. In addition to not getting sick as often, you’ll avoid some of the weight gains you might get from the inactivity and lack of energy that you can feel as a result of not feeling well.

And the healthy practices that are part of improving your immune response will make it easier to lose weight too.

4 Ways to Boost Your Natural Immunity

One or more of the following tips will help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy immune system, including making it easier to manage your weight.

  1. Improve Your Nutrition – Your immune cells can’t fight off infections if they don’t have the energy that comes from a healthy diet. Try to increase your consumption of nutrient-dense, whole foods, like fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Get More Active – You don’t need to join a club, buy a bicycle or go swimming. Just find ways to add more activity to your day. That could be walking to the corner store instead of driving, getting up and stretching every hour if you sit for long times, or doing your own little 10-minute workout at home. 
  3. Sleep – Just like how you feel sluggish and foggy when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your immune cells can react much the same way and not have what it takes to keep you healthy.
  4. Consider Herbal Nutrition Supplements – Do you find it difficult to do the things your immune system needs to deliver their health benefits? Or do you want to get extra protection? Healthy herbal supplements, including Herbal One’s Grape Defense, Ultra L-Glutamine and Ultra EFAs, are a healthy, natural way to give your immune system what it needs.

Looking after your gut health is another way to promote good health and a stronger immune system. Learn more in our article “How to Improve Your Gut Health”.


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