Ultra L-Glutamine

The Protein Builder

Critical for the health and growth of every cell in your body, protein supports everything from healthy-looking hair and new skin growth, to muscle building and repair, and the hormones that regulate your body and emotions.

Your body depends on 20 different amino acids that combine to create the approximately 50,000 proteins your body uses.

L-glutamine is the amino acid your body needs the most. It is crucial for your overall health and weight-loss success.


Your body depends on L-glutamine so much, it can’t produce enough of it to meet your needs. So you need to get L-glutamine from your diet and supplements.

Like most amino acids, L-glutamine helps with weight loss, fat burning and muscle building. But can also prevent leaky gut, heal intestinal ulcers, improve digestion, increase energy, raise metabolic rates and lower cravings for alcohol, sugar and other carbohydrates.

More Ultra L-Glutamine Benefits
A secret to healthy, long-term weight loss is to maintain good nutrition while you shed the pounds. Our Ultra L-glutamine supplement makes sure your body gets one of its most important nutritional building blocks.

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