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Our Top 3 Immune Boosting Supplements

With spring finally here, you might be chomping at the bit to get outside for a bit of fresh air. But, even though the cold and flu season is behind us, you still need to worry about maintaining a healthy immune system to fight off viruses and infections. 

Viruses can attack anytime and anywhere. To help you stay healthy, you need to support your immune system all year round. How? Give immune-boosting supplements a try!


Herbal Supplements That Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system needs essential nutrients from natural sources in your diet to fight off infections and viruses. It helps to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to all your meals. But if you want to really maximize your immune response, try these immune-boosting supplements.

  1. Grape Defense – Everyone knows how good vitamin C is at protecting against colds and the flu. So what would you say about something that is 20X more potent than vitamin C?  A powerful antioxidant, grape seed extract (the key ingredient in Grape Defense) not only improves your immune function, but research studies show that it reduces heart disease, has anti-aging properties and lowers the risk of allergies and asthma.  Grape Defence also delivers other immune system boosters, including L-glutamine, CLA sunflower oil and green tea extract.
  2. Ultra L-Glutamine – Did we say L-glutamine is an immune system booster? Yes! In fact, L-glutamine actually fuels your immune cells, including your white blood cells and beneficial intestinal cells. The health of the bacteria in your intestines is directly linked to the health of your overall immune system. L-glutamine has also been linked to helping with peptic ulcers, arthritis and auto-immune diseases.
  3. Ultra EFAs – EFAs are essential fatty acids. Every cell in your body, including every immune system cell, needs EFAs to build healthy new cells. But your body doesn’t produce enough EFAs to go around. So you need to get more from your diet. The EFAs in Ultra EFA come from sustainable hemp oil.

    A potent antioxidant, hemp oil is also high in phenolic acid which is known to help lower the risk of cancer and relieve inflammation. Other health benefits attributed to EFAs include lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease.


To learn more about hemp seed oil, check out our post “3 Hemp Seed Oil Benefits”.


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