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3 Herbal Supplements to Help Weight Loss, Nutrition & Overall Health

First, if you’re looking for ‘magic pill’ supplements to help weight loss that promises, just by taking it alone, you will lose lots of weight in no time, this post isn’t for you.

If on the other hand, you understand that healthy long-term weight loss is an ongoing pursuit. That you need a personalized weight management program developed by a nutrition counsellor to meet your specific nutritional requirements and goals. And that safe, healthy herbal supplements are an integral part of that program to help you on your journey. Then you’re in the right place.

Herbal Dietary Supplements to Help You Lose Weight

The supplements below are chosen to show why you need a custom weight management program and the support of a nutrition counsellor. And, at the same time, to underline why you can’t get the same results from a single supplement, weight loss products or fad diets.

These supplements may be used on their own, but they are far more effective as part of overall health, nutrition and weight management program.

Ultra B-Trim 100

There are a long list of benefits that the vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin) delivers to help you manage your body weight. It includes helping you manage your stress and depression; improving brain function and digestion, and improving your energy levels and the growth of red blood cells.

Other ingredients in Ultra B-Trim, including choline bitartrate and PABA, help your memory, heart health, metabolism, and gut health.

Ultra Lean

The main active ingredient in Ultra Lean is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It supports lean muscle development and helps you burn more calories, regardless of how much activity you get.

CLA can also promote fat loss and boost your immune system. And, as a natural antioxidant, it fights harmful free radicals in your body.

Ultra Stabilizer

Healthy weight loss isn’t a destination, it’s a state of being. And you need almost as much help to maintain your lower weight as you did to get there.

The main ingredients of Ultra Stabilizer, include garcinia Cambogia extract, calcium pyruvate, green tea extract and coleus forskohlii. They combine to help stabilize your weight while improving metabolism, boosting energy, and working as an appetite suppressant.

Increasing your metabolism can be an effective part of any weight management program. Learn more in our article ‘5 Top Foods That Boost Your Metabolism‘.


If you have any questions or concerns, stop by, call, or email your Herbal One centre and our qualified counsellors will be happy to give you tips and some great ideas that will help reach your weight loss goals.

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