The Biggest Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Posted: June 21, 2018 in Blog, Dieting, Tip, Weight Loss
What are the reasons why I can't lose weight | Herbal One

How many times have you tried to lose weight? How many weight loss diets have you been on? Bought any gym memberships? Or made arrangements with a friend to go walking a couple nights a week?

It’s like you’ve tried everything. And still, you struggle to manage your weight.

Why You Haven’t Been Able to Stay on Track for Weight Loss

Think about any other physical change you might want or need to make. Let’s say you fall and twist your knee badly enough that you need physiotherapy. How would you feel if you walked into the therapist’s clinic and she started working on you right away? No questions about what happened or where it hurts. She just started treating you exactly the same as she treats every other patient with a twisted knee.

It doesn’t make sense, does it? How you twisted your knee and the treatment it needs to get better are different for you than for anyone else. So a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment won’t work very well.

So why do you expect a diet that’s the same for everyone to work miracles for your specific weight issues?

For your weight loss program to work, it must be tailored to you. It must be based on any number of factors that relate only to you. These can include:

-Why you’re overweight (do you overeat? are you sedentary? do you eat the wrong foods? all of the above?)
-How much weight you want or need to lose
-What are your nutritional requirements

The One Thing You Can Do to Help Yourself Successfully Lose Weight

Find a weight management solution that’s specific to you. That’s it. But how do you do that? You’re not a weight loss expert or nutritional specialist. So you need to find someone who is.

The nutritional consultants at you nearest Herbal One Weight Management Nutrition Centre can help. They will develop a weight management program specifically for you. They will help you choose the right store-bought foods to fit your very own meal plan. And they will offer the right herbal supplements based on your health history. Finally, they will be there whenever you need them to help you stay on track to meet your goals and maintain a healthier weight. Call or visit today.