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How To Turn Housework Into a Weight-Busting Workout

Alright, forgive the “weight-busting” in the title. It’s not like anything we mention below is going to produce any major weight loss by itself. But we want you to get pumped for this one because it’s something that you may not take advantage of. And we’re not just talking about turning housework into a workout.

If we all got more used to the idea of turning almost every physical activity into a “workout”, we can add significantly to the calories we burn each day. From carrying the groceries to walking the mall, they all add more activity without the bother of getting into formal exercise programs or gym memberships.

Are you ready? Here we go! 

3 Weight-Busting Housework Workout Moves

Talk to your doctor before you take part in any extra activity – even those related to housework! Stop immediately if you feel any sign of pain. Go easy on yourself, try one thing at a time, and see if you can come up with your own moves.

  1. Emptying-the-Dishwasher Squats – If you bend over to clear out the dishwasher, try this instead. Keep your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, bend at your knees and ankles. Grab a couple of dishes, not too many or too heavy, and straighten your legs to get back up. Repeat until the dishes are done, or if you feel fatigued. 
  2. Vacuum Cleaner Arm Extensions – You probably do this one already, but doing it deliberately can “increase the burn”! Using the same motion as you do to move the vacuum forward and back across the floor, start with your hand on the vacuum cleaner handle at your side and fully extend it forward. You can step forward with your same-side leg as the arm you are extending. Do it five times with one arm, switch arms and do five more. 
  3. Double Stair Duty – If you’re doing something like putting away the laundry, and you have to go upstairs, go up the first time, put down the basket, and go down and back up the stairs again as fast as you’re comfortable with – even if that’s not fast at all.  

Another benefit of a housework workout? Your home’s neat and tidy when you’re done! And if you want to combine your new workout routine with a nutritional plan for weight loss, visit 

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For more easy exercise tips, read our post “An Easy Home Workout Routine With No Equipment”.


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