Why Changing your Perception of Weight loss is so Important

Posted: June 28, 2018 in Blog, Tip, Weight Loss
Why changing the perception of weight loss helps you lose weight | Herbal One

Hands up everyone who loves trying to lose weight.

Anyone? Hello?

OK, moving right along; there’s a really interesting irony to the fact that virtually no one likes trying to lose weight. To see what we mean, here’s another call for a show of hands.

Hands up everyone who would love to lose weight.

OK. OK. You can stop now. We get it. While lots of people would love to lose weight, just about no one likes to go through the process of doing so.

And that leaves one question. If we crave the results so much, why aren’t we willing to do what it takes to get them?

Transforming Your Perception of Weight Loss

Have you ever tried to do something you thought was going to be really difficult, but you did it in a snap? Or tried something you thought would be a snap and it turned out to be really difficult?

In both cases, it was your perception of the task before you did it, not the task itself, that influenced your misunderstanding of what it would take to complete it.

And the same can be true for your outlook on weight loss. If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight many times, perhaps it’s time to change your perception instead of trying to do the same thing in a different way. Here are just a few suggestions for getting a new outlook on weight loss.

1. It’s Not a Race

Races start with competitors bursting from the start line and going as hard as they can until they cross the finish line. That’s exactly what you do on a weight loss diet. You ‘start’ it one day, you go hard into a new diet, and you ‘finish’ it when you reach your goal, (or you give up along the way).

But, for healthy, sustainable weight loss, there’s no real start and finish, just a transformation to a balanced diet, getting good nutrition and adding as much activity to your day as you’re comfortable with.

2. Be Conscious of What You Eat & Do

When you start a diet, you read up on what you’re supposed to eat, and you eat it without thinking about what it really means for your health and wellbeing.

Similarly, when you go to the mall, you drive around forever looking for the absolute closest parking spot to the entrance without thinking. You actually could already be inside and shopping if you just parked a little further away. And you would get in a few more steps by doing it.

3. Don’t Obsess About Your Love Handles (or anything else about your weight or body)

Despite what it might look like in the media, a rare few people have a ‘perfect’ body (whatever that might be). Instead of not being satisfied until you get ‘rid’ of something like your love handles, or until your weight scale shows a certain number, celebrate the moment you manage to slip on a pair of jeans that haven’t fit for a long time.

4. Be Fair with Yourself

No one’s perfect, everyone’s ‘ideal’ body is different and there will be good days and bad days. Expect all of that and let it happen. Try to be better tomorrow, learn from mistakes and definitely don’t let them stop you.

If you can’t find a way through, give yourself the tools you need to make it happen, like asking a confidante for support or getting professional advice.

5. Keep Expanding Your Horizons

Forcing yourself to go to the gym when you absolutely hate it isn’t being fair to yourself. If the extra activity is the idea, look for other ways, any other way, to get it. Ways that you can live with and continue to live with.

The nutritional consultants at your local Herbal One Centre know what it takes to change your perceptions of weight loss, healthily lose weight and keep it off. Call or visit today.