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Why Dieting is Worse for You Than Being Overweight

If we live in an information age, the downside is that a lot of the information is a bit of “the same old, same old”. If you’re battling to manage your weight, you probably see headlines like “Lose weight fast”, “Blast away belly fat” and “Lose weight for good”, almost daily.

But, suddenly one headline leaps off the screen at you, one like you’ve never seen, and one that is at polar opposites to all the others.

“Dieting Will Kill You Faster than Obesity”

Wow. They’re not kidding around. 

But, despite the click-bait headline, they’re not wrong. 

Before we go any further, we should clarify the story behind the headline for you. The ultimate point of the article is that the stresses that dieting puts on your body are worse for you than being “mildly obese”.  Unfortunately for most of us, the headline doesn’t mean that being overweight is healthy.


3 Reasons Why Dieting is Worse for You Than Being Overweight 

None of this should be news to Herbal One’s customers or regular readers of our blog. If you talk to the nutritional consultants at any Herbal One location or check out many of our articles on the subject (a recent one is “The Biggest Reason Why Weight-Loss Diets Don’t Work”), you’ll find out many reasons why dieting is bad for you. Here are just a few.


  1. Your Body Doesn’t Like to Lose Weight – What would happen if the company you worked for suddenly cut your salary in half?? You’d freak out. Then you’d probably stop doing so much work and start focusing on finding a job that’s just like what you had, with the same pay.

    That’s exactly what your body does when you cut calories. It takes the changes brought on by weight-loss diets as a sign that something’s wrong and it goes into a panic mode. Your metabolism slows down to preserve energy, so you need to cut even more calories to continue your weight loss. And your body starts sending more hunger signals to try to return things to normal.
  2. The Diets are Not Balanced – Unlike a Herbal One Diet Plan, weight-loss diets are not balanced for proper nutrition and good health. So not only are you asking your body to go through a drastic change, but you’re starving it of proper nutrition at the same time.
  3. Weight Loss Isn’t a Numbers Game – Look at any weight loss diet plan and you’ll see lots of numbers. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days; cut your calorie count; check the numbers on your weight scale every day. But that focus on numbers can make the whole effort self-defeating. If you only lose 20 pounds in 30 days, you feel like a failure. If your body weight goes up by 5 pounds one day, you feel like a failure. The result? You end up failing.


Want to Succeed Instead? Focus on eating healthier foods and living a healthier lifestyle. Both of them are the basis on which healthy, sustained weight management are based.

To learn more about how to successfully lose weight, check out our article “5 Healthy Weight-Loss Lessons from Experience”.


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