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3 Hidden Diet Killers that Ruin Your Weight Loss

Want to know the fastest, easiest and healthiest way to lose weight for good? Consume fewer calories than you burn by eating a healthy, nutritionally-balanced, portion-controlled diet, and getting as much activity as you can.

Oh, and watch out for hidden diet killers that can ruin even the healthiest, most nutritionally balanced, portioned controlled diet -and your workout plan too.

In our last post, 5 Ways to Lower Your Calorie Intake Without Even Noticing, we listed a couple of hidden diet killers, including mindless snacking and too much dressing on your salad.

But there are many more habits and temptations in our lives that, if we’re not aware of them, can make it difficult or impossible to lose weight.

Beware of These Hidden Diet Killers

Each one of us might have our own, unique challenges in being aware of all the threats to our weight loss plans. If you live next to a chocolate factory, good luck! But, generally speaking, if we all look out for the following unseen diet dangers, we’ll give ourselves a better chance of getting slimmer and staying that way.

  1. Emotional Eating – There’s a misunderstanding about emotional eating that says it’s only about extra eating when you’re in an emotional state, like being particularly happy or sad.  But it can happen when your best friend drops in unexpectedly and you sit down in the kitchen for a chat. Or when you’re watching an edge-of-your-seat “whodunit” on TV. In each case, and others like them, you might reach for a snack without giving it a thought.
  2. Reward Eating – You took a long walk today, and you stuck to your meal plan. You can let things go with a tasty treat for your good work. But be very careful.

    Let’s say you walked for an hour and decided to treat yourself to a Starbucks Cafe Mocha.  You know not to go overboard, so you opt for a “tall”, instead of a “venti” or “grande”. And you choose 2% milk instead of whole milk – and you won’t even have the whipped cream.

    Guess what? At 230 calories, your seemingly innocent, not-over-the-top treat just packed on all the calories you burned during your hour-long walk. 
  3. Not Reading Nutrition Labels – A granola bar and orange juice sounds like a great start to your day. Except, if you didn’t take a look at the nutrition labels for each one, you might as well have started your day with a chocolate bar and a coke.

    Packaged and/or processed foods, even those that look and sound healthy, are often filled with excess sugar, salt and unhealthy fats to improve the flavour. Unfortunately, all those flavour enhancers mean extra calories.

Knowing what you’re eating, and when, is not as easy as it sounds. The nutrition counsellors at Herbal One can put together a personal diet plan to keep you on track. 

Find out more about emotional eating in our article “Towards a Better Understanding of Emotional Eating”.


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