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Revealed: An Instagrammer’s Unexpected Weight Loss Journey

One of the reasons that many of us have a problem with healthily losing weight is the unreasonable expectations we have about weight loss. 

The most glaring example is how many people think that weight loss is a simple mathematical equation that, once solved, leads to life at a lower weight. In other words, they think that, if they go on the latest fad diet for a few weeks or months – *poof* – they’ll be slim forever. 

But sometimes even those who manage to find healthy weight loss success find out later that their goals and expectations were unreasonable.  

The Instagrammer Who Found That There are Parts of Weight Loss She Can’t Post About 

Transformation photos are just one of the reasons why many people who are trying to reduce their weight avoid social media like Instagram. Transformation photos are those split screenshots that show a before and after image of the person who’s trying to lose weight. 

Instagrammer Chandler Sosebee (@tacoboutamangover) lost 85 pounds over two years, all in front of thousands of her watchful Instagram followers. She used transformation photos to document the journey, the changes in her body and to help keep herself motivated. But there are parts of the journey that the photos can’t show.

  • The Transition to Healthy Eating – About the photos, Chandler says “(they) won’t show how challenging eating healthy was for me. It took about a year to click.”
  • Her Surprising Reaction After Reaching her Weight Loss Goal – After declaring “being skinny” as her original goal, Chandler had this to say once she reached it:
    “I thought that being skinny was what I wanted, but seeing my body look like that was honestly more traumatizing and damaging to my mental health than being obese ever was …I felt like I was in someone else’s body, and not in a good way. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and I really missed my curves.
  • On Realizing Her Real Weight Loss Goals – After some soul-searching and reassessing, Chandler realized that her diet was not properly balanced and was drastically protein deficient (which was done to achieve the level of skinny she thought she wanted, but didn’t like). 

“Paying attention to your protein intake is SO important on a fitness journey,” she says. “Your body needs protein for fuel in order to recover properly, so when you’re not getting enough of it, your body starts using the protein in your muscles as its protein source instead. It took me a lot longer to realize that than I care to admit.”

  • How a Balanced Diet Helped Her Reach Her Real Goal“I could tell I was getting stronger and healthier and, as I continued, the physique I had truly wanted—a toned lean look—naturally followed.”

How to Avoid the Mistakes Chandler Made on Her Weight Loss Journey

When you visit your local Herbal One Centre, a trained and qualified nutritional consultant takes the time to listen to your story, learn about your weight loss goals and help you reach them. Your consultant develops a healthy, balanced Herbal One Diet Plan, which will give you all the protein and other macronutrients you need for your well being along the way to managing your weight.


To learn more about the effects of an unbalanced diet on your weight loss, check out our article “Want to Lose Weight? Stop Dieting”. 


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