How Bentonite Powder Helps Your Liver Help You Stay Healthy

Posted: May 25, 2018 in Blog, Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss
Bentonite Powder | Herbal One

Many of those who have ‘detoxed’ their bodies don’t realize that the body does a great job of detoxing itself. In fact, in addition to the many other roles it plays in you body (at least 500 by some estimates!). Your liver is a powerful detoxifier and your body’s main ‘filtration system’. But how do you clean that filter; or detoxify the great detoxifier?

The Benefits of Bentonite Powder

It can raise a few questions when people hear that bentonite powder comes from bentonite clay. But just like other beneficial minerals, including calcium, iron and zinc, bentonite powder delivers a number of health benefits. And detoxifying your liver is just the first one.

1. Draws Toxins from Your Liver

If your liver has an arch enemy, it might be aflatoxins. Produced in certain molds, we are all susceptible to ingesting aflatoxins in processed foods. Due to the use of ingredients where the aflatoxins grow. In high enough quantities, aflatoxins can damage your liver. Fortunately, bentonite clay actually binds to aflatoxins and expels them from your liver and body.

2. Keeps Your Digestive System Working Efficiently

In addition to the benefits of a healthy liver for your digestive system, bentonite powder also removes toxins, heavy metals and viruses from the rest of the digestive system too.

3. Helps Promote Weight Loss

If there is one single thing you can do as the basis for healthy weight loss, it is to do everything you can to help your digestive system runs as efficient as possible. Without a finely tuned digestive system, the healthy foods and nutritional supplements you consume won’t be as beneficial, and they won’t be able to deliver the energy you need for extra calorie-burning activities.
Bentonite powder also helps remove harmful toxins throughout your body and blood supply, which also helps your entire body work more efficiently to use the energy in the foods you eat.

4. Strengthens Your Immune System

Bentonite boosts immunity by killing harmful bacteria and viruses. White blood cells in your bloodstream are your body’s first line of defence against viral attacks. By removing pesticides, toxins, bacteria and chemicals that enter the blood and inhibit the work of white blood cells, bentonite can help you suffer fewer or less severe colds, flu and infections.

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