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5 Grape Seed Extract Benefits

You’ll read lots of claims about different foods and supplements that can seem unrealistic. When you read below about grape seed extract benefits, you’ll think the same thing. But in this case, the health benefits listed are all backed by scientific research.

The Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Did you now that grape seed extract is 10x more potent than vitamin C? Perhaps the biggest benefits of grape seed extract (GSE) is its incredibly powerful antioxidant properties, which help it guard against cellular stress due to oxidation, tissue damage, inflammation, and diseases. And that’s just the start of GSE’s benefits.

  1. Linked to Increased Bone Strength – In addition to this great news for osteoporosis candidates and sufferers, GSE is allowed linked to reduced inflammation due to arthritis in animal studies.
  2. Can Reduce Blood Pressure in Obese & Overweight People – Studies found those who were obese and overweight showed some of the best results for lower blood pressure from a daily dose of grape seed extract. High blood pressure can make weight loss more difficult to achieve.
  3. May Promote Blood Flow – In studies involving young women and postmenopausal women, GSE was shown to have blood thinning effects. These were linked to lower incidence of blood clots and reduced leg swelling.
  4. Can Lower Risk of Heart Problems – “Bad’ LDL cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease because of the oxidative stress it puts on your cells. That oxidation contributes to plaque in your arteries, which could eventually result in a heart attack. GSE’s anti-oxidant properties helped reduce the oxidation of fats and lower levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol.
  5. Promotes Brain Health – Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories like those found in GSE are believed to help delay and/or reduce the occurrence of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. Studies on animals have shown the GSE can increase the brain antioxidant and cognitive capacities. This can help minimize memory loss.

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