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Looking for Motivation to Lose Weight? Check These Headlines

Maybe you’ve just decided to go easy on yourself and just be you. Maybe you’re tired of the disappointment of trying one fad diet after another, and never seeing any long-term results. 

One way or another, many people, who really would rather live life at a healthier weight, give up on doing so because of the difficulties and disappointment they experience have sapped their motivation.

Headlines You Can Use to Motivate Your Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t just about looking better in clothes, having more energy and simply living a healthier lifestyle. It can help you avoid serious health issues too.

  1. “Being obese in your 50s raises your risk of developing dementia in old age by 21%, finds study”
    It turns out that one of the symptoms of obesity and being overweight is a stiffening and narrowing of your arteries. One of the known causes of dementia is low blood flow to brain cells.

  2. Here’s how losing weight can reduce the risk of Breast Cancer in women over 50

The sub-heading of this one reads:

“Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women across the world. Read below to find out how weight loss can reduce the risk of breast cancer, and here’s why it’s essential for women over 50 to lose weight.”

The recent study found that obese women who achieved sustained weight loss reduced their risk of developing breast cancer versus women who remained overweight. As you might expect, the more weight that was lost, the greater the reduction in the risk of breast cancer. Risk reduction rates ranged from a 13% lower risk for those who lost four to 10 pounds, to a 26% reduction for those who lost more than 20 pounds.

  1. “The More Processed Foods You Eat, the Higher Your Diabetes Risk”

This headline doesn’t directly link a health issue to being overweight. But being overweight, obese and physically inactive are known to increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. And eating too many processed foods is linked to increases in weight.


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