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Why Good Nutrition is the Basis of Successful Weight Loss

Straight up, healthy, sustained weight loss cannot happen without giving your body the micro- and macronutrients it needs, in the correct proportions, through a balanced diet.

It’s why fad weight-loss diets generally don’t work. Instead of focusing on giving your body the nutrition it needs for health and energy to support weight loss, they opt instead for the easy out of cutting calories.  

While crash diets depend on the early, easy weight loss that happens to “prove” their effectiveness, it’s what happens afterward that is particularly damaging to your body.

With the early weight gone, your body struggles to find the nutrients it needs from a restricted and/or unbalanced diet. When the nutrition isn’t there, your body triggers all kinds of self-defence mechanisms that upset not just your weight loss, but your health too – mental and physical.

3 Ways Good Nutrition Helps You Healthily Lose Weight

Here are just a few of the ways that good nutrition makes weight loss happen.

Maintains Your Overall Health

Your body can’t battle extra weight if it is always fighting colds, upset stomachs and other health issues. Your body is equipped with powerful systems to keep you healthy. But if they don’t get the fuel they need from nutrients in your diet, they can’t do their jobs properly. The result? You end up in bed fighting ailments instead of losing weight.

Helps You Eat Less

One of the main causes of being overweight is overeating. And one of the main reasons you overeat is because your body doesn’t get what it needs from an unhealthy diet, and it tells you to keep eating.

Nutrient-dense foods, including those with fewer simple carbohydrates and more fibre, are not only good for you, but they reduce the triggers of overeating, including by making you feel fuller sooner.

They Give You More Energy

It’s no secret that you’ll drop the pounds sooner if you become more active. But what if you just can’t stand the thought of exercise? The truth is that you might not care for physical activity because you don’t have the energy for it, or because it may be painful.

Nutrient-dense foods not only boost your energy, but they also contain antioxidants that help remove harmful chemicals to detoxify your body.  In turn, your body doesn’t need to trigger inflammation to fight the harmful compounds, so you have more energy, and generally, feel better too.

One way to ensure you get the nutrition your body needs in a weight loss plan that is designed specifically for you is to talk to the nutrition consultants at your local Herbal One Centre.  In addition to creating a healthy meal plan, personalized just for you, with foods that can be found at regular grocery stores, they have natural herbal supplements, including Ultra L-Glutamine, to help support your weight loss.

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