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Should You Be Using A Steps Machine?

The steps machine is a popular machine that is a common piece of equipment at many gyms. It lets you get a stair climbing workout, without actually climbing stairs.  But it is still quite challenging. As it becomes more popular, you may be wondering whether or not you should choose a steps machine over a treadmill or bike. Well, the answer is yes!

So, why should you be using this machine?

Calorie Burning

Your body works extra hard to walk up stairs. It is an intense cardio workout that is known to promote weight loss by burning extra calories. It also strengthens your lungs and heart, which is key to staying fit. If your lungs and heart are healthy, your body is able to push itself to work harder and burn more calories.

Core Strength

When you are on the steps machine, you are also working on your balance. Because of this, your core is constantly engaged. It has to work hard in order to support your upper body. Some benefits of having good core strength are improved posture, less lower back pain, and reduced risk of injury.

Strong Calves

Your calves allow you to run, walk, and jump with ease. Additionally, they are needed to keep your balance all day long. When you take a step, whether on the machine or when walking, your calves are engaged. So, your calves can get a good workout on the machine since they are constantly engaged with every step you take.

Positive Endorphins

When you are walking up stairs, your body releases endorphins with feel-good chemicals. When you are done your workout, you may be tired but you may feel extra good about the hard work you put in.

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