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How Do You Know If You Are Dehydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for your body to function properly. But, you may not be consuming the amount of water your body needs. If this is the case, there are a few signs you can look for to help you realize if you are dehydrated.

So, how do you know if you are dehydrated?


Fatigue can be the result of many different things, including dehydration. Without enough fluids in your body, it becomes hard for your muscles and cells to energize parts of your body. You may feel extra tired, especially if you are exercising. So, the next time you are tired, try having a glass of water to help.

Dry Skin

Dry skin and lips is one of the most common signs of dehydration. Your skin needs water in order for your cells to have elasticity. If your skin is flaky, itchy, or dull, then your skin is lacking moisture. Even with a good moisturizer, water is essential to keeping your skin looking young and hydrated.


Do you find that you get headaches more frequently? Water is your solution! It is one way of your body telling you it needs water. If you have a dehydration headache, drink a few cups of water and rest.

Dark Coloured Urine

Your urine is a prime indicator of your hydration levels. The clearer your urine is, the more hydrated you are. If you find your urine is darker, this could mean you are not getting enough water. Usually your urine is darker in the morning since you have been asleep. So, try to start your day with 1-2 glasses of water to rehydrate your body.

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