Goodie Wafer Protein Bars

A Great Tasting Way to Curb Your Appetite & Fuel Your Energy

Healthy snacking can make a difference in the success of your weight management program. Hunger pangs can grab you any time and any place. And if you don’t have a healthy option on hand, you may be tempted by processed or fast food options.


  1. Vanilla One Thin Crisp
  2. Mocha One Thin Crisp

Bag of 6 bars.


Out of stock

15g of protein.

Get a Goodie AdvantageGoodie Bars not only stop your hungry tummy rumblings, they fill you up with nutrition and fibre that helps curb your appetite. And they also give you an energy boost to help you keep going all day long.

  • Low-fat, low-calorie
  • Excellent replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Protein helps you feel fuller

Available in a Variety of FlavoursTry any flavour variety of Goodie Bars for a healthy, great tasting snack.

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