Ultra Fibrachrome

A Healthy Source of Dietary Fibre

The formulation in Ultra Fibrachrome works synergistically to help your weight loss program in many ways. It’s an excellent fiber supplement, an effective appetite control supplement and it supports your overall health by helping to stabilize Glucose and cholesterol by keeping your HDL and LDL levels in good standing.


Amorphophallus Konjac
High levels of dietary fibre means konjac can help control glucose levels, manage diabetes and hypoglycemia, and help you lose weight by making you feel full for longer.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
A powerful antioxidant, ALA is credited with lowering blood sugar, heart disease risks and cholesterol.

Chromium helps insulin do its job to improve blood sugar levels. It’s also shown to reduce hunger and cravings as well as promote nutrient metabolism.

Phytosterols (Vegetable Oils, Plant Sterols)
A well-known cholesterol fighter, phytosterols can also increase your heart health.

Sugar Cane
Sugar cane offers a number of health and weight loss benefits, including improving liver health, increasing energy levels, and supporting digestive function.

More Ultra Fibrachrome Benefits
The wide-ranging benefits of Ultra Fibrachrome support you in every step of your weight management program

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