Ultra Thin One

Ultra Thin one is a program privileged product that is for weight loss clients that are signed into programs only.

A Double Benefit for Weight Loss
The herbal blend of active synergetic ingredients in Ultra Thin One means it can deliver a double benefit of appetite control combined with a natural increase in your metabolism. And it does so in a stimulant-free thermogenic formulation. Thermogenesis is the process your body uses to increase metabolism to burn more calories and produce heat.


Garcinia Cambogia
Slows the conversion of excess sugars into fat and cholesterol. Studies show that garcinia cambogia can reduce your appetite.

Green Tea Extract
Promotes thermogenesis to support weight loss. Green tea is well known for many other health benefits, including heart health, brain function and lower blood sugar.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Shown to promote weight loss in a number of ways, including a reduction in hunger cravings and lower blood sugar levels.

Additional Ingredients Include
Caffeine isolate, Guggul and 5-HTP, the combination of which can increase metabolism and lower your appetite.

More Ultra Thin One Benefits
Use Ultra Thin One at all stages of your weight-loss journey to help start losing weight, get over weight plateaus and to maintain your lower weight after you’ve reached your goals.

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