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Weight Loss

4 Unexpected Ways to Make Weight Loss Your Main Priority

There may be many unknown reasons why you haven’t been able to lose weight, no matter how much you’ve tried, or for how long. You may be going about it the wrong way by trying to diet yourself into a slimmer body. You may be making excuses that you don’t realize you’re making. Or you may have an unhealthy relationship with food.

But sometimes weight loss isn’t a priority because it is just one thing we want to improve about ourselves. In other words, without realizing, your desire to lose extra body weight might be competing with your desire for other physical and emotional changes, like nicer teeth, or having a relationship.

It’s tough for anyone to focus their entire attention on something as difficult to accomplish (at least on your own) as losing weight and keeping it off when there are other things gnawing away at them for attention.


Try Doing These First to Clear the Decks for Weight Loss

Not only do other issues sap your energy for losing weight, they can, individually and collectively, lower your self-image and self-esteem to the point where you might feel like you don’t deserve to live your life at a healthier weight.

  1. Take Care of Your Skin – Yes, beauty is only skin deep, but that’s the part you see in the mirror every morning. You can reduce the wrinkles and leathery skin that the sun causes by wearing products with SPF every day (yup, 24/7/365). Keep your skin clean; don’t rub it too hard, even if you’re exfoliating and find a product that works for your acne.
  2. Floss Your Teeth – Not only will it make your teeth look better and your breath smell fresher, but you’ll reduce your chances of serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. And if your teeth are distractingly crooked, don’t be afraid to get them straightened.
  3. Brush Your Hair – Sure, we know you’ve found a way to wear your hair in a bun so no one at work knows you haven’t washed or brushed it for days. But daily brushing keeps your hair healthy, and looking healthy – and makes you see how beautiful it really is.
  4. Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health – Even if gym memberships and jogging are out of the question, weight loss gets more difficult the less active you are. Consider visiting a mental health professional as often as you see your regular doctor because your mental health is as important for weight loss success as your physical health.


Your skin, teeth, hair and mental and physical health can be helped with a healthy, balanced diet just like the Herbal One diet plans that we can develop just for you.

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