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The Different Types Of Eating

It’s true! There really are different types of eating. And, each one can tell you more about your relationship with food.

If you are struggling to lose weight or energize your body, this can be extremely useful information to identify how to change your diet.

Let’s go over the 4 different types of eating.

Fuel Eating

Fuel eating means you are eating appropriate amounts to fuel your body. Typically, this also means you are eating healthily. Your diet may consist of lots of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. You may also find that you feel energized more frequently as a result. If you are a fuel eater, you probably won’t have to change much in your diet since your body gets all the appropriate nutrients.

Fun Eating

This particular style of eating means you tend to eat foods that don’t have as much nutritional value. You may find yourself consuming foods that you enjoy, such as cake, chips, candy, or wine. But, it is important to monitor this type of diet so you do not overindulge in foods that aren’t helping your body.

One way to help is to limit yourself to certain sweets. Maybe you have one treat twice a week instead of every day. And, you may find that you enjoy it way more since your body won’t be so accustomed to the flavour.

Fog Eating

Fog eating can lead to overeating. You may find that you snack on foods even when your body isn’t hungry. And, you may not even realize that you are doing it. If you notice that you are eating when your body is giving you no signal that it is hungry, try to distract yourself from food. This way, you won’t get stuck fog eating.

Storm Eating

Sometimes, you may not be able to stop yourself from having chips or candy. And, you may find that you finish the whole bag. While this is okay from time to time, it is not good to make a habit of it. Storm eating is when you cannot stop yourself from eating. Try to monitor your intake and buy snacks in smaller quantities. This way, you will not be as tempted to overindulge.

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