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5 Top Health Benefits of Gardening

It sure does feel good to get outside again, doesn’t it? Except, for some of us, we’ve been spending time cooped up for so long, it can make you wonder what to do once you step into the sunshine and fresh air.

We recently told you about the Benefits of Walking, but not everyone is comfortable with that level of physical activity, and, even if you are, you can quickly run out of places to go.

If that describes your situation, but you would like to find more things to do outside while you can be there, gardening, like walking, is proving to offer far more health benefits than most people realize.

The Top Health Benefits of Gardening

  1. Weight Loss – If you’re like us, you would never have thought of gardening activities as a way to lose weight. But, an adult woman who weighs 150 pounds will burn more calories by gardening for an hour (about 270), than by walking at a moderate pace on a flat surface for an hour (about 232 calories). 
  2. Healthier Eating – If you choose to devote at least some of your gardening time to fruit and vegetable gardens, you’re going to enjoy the “fruits” of your labour, eat the fresh produce you have grown and automatically increase your healthy eating. 
  3. Boost Your Mood – Gardening is a really rewarding and satisfying activity.  In addition to the boost in your mood, your overall mental health gets a boost just from spending more time outside and in nature.
  4. You’ll Get Stronger – Just digging in the dirt can improve your arm and hand strength, and tone your thighs. Raking will help your upper body muscles. Be careful though, keep the more strenuous activities to 10 or 15-minute bouts – or whatever you are most comfortable with. 
  5. Better Overall Health – From reducing your blood pressure and increasing your vitamin D, to boosting your immune system and lowering your stress, gardening is an excellent activity for all-around healthier living.

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